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Full body shrink sleeve

Full Body.png

A full body shrink sleeve covers the entire packaging of the product. This creates a lot of space to store your product information. The shape of the package is no problem, the shrink sleeve will fit around every package.

Furthermore, the shrink sleeve will offer excellent enclosure, protection and security to every package. Shrink sleeves are used in many different branches and are extremely suitable for promotional purposes.

Both horizontal and vertical perforations can be made on the shrink sleeve so that the shrink sleeve can be easily removed if necessary. We will carefully think along with you about the design. That way you are never dependent on yourself and there are always several people who think along with you about the printing of your product.


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  • Multicolor Offset printing

  • Possible combination with Flexo

  • On a roll or sheet

  • Perforation

  • Anti-slip for cups

  • Low migration inks

  • Varnishes (black light, glow in the dark, thermochromic, ...)

  • Multipacks

  • Combination printing

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Material choices

  • OPS
    45, 50 µm

  • PET (high & low shrinkage) 
    40, 45, 50 µm

  • PVC (high & low shrinkage, glossy & mat) 
    40, 50 µm

  • PLA 
    50 µm

Half body.png
Tamper Evidant.png
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