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Tamper evident shrink sleeve

Tamper Evidant.png

The tamper evident tire acts as a closure on a product. The tamper evident tire can also serve as an indication of a fresh product.

Namely, when this closure is still closed, the product may of course not have been opened yet, so the customer knows for sure that nothing has happened to it. A perforation in this band is required to make it possible to open the package.

The tamper evident tire can be supplied printed or unprinted. It is also possible to make a distinction between printing in whole or printing in part.

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  • Multicolor Offset printing

  • Possible combination with Flexo

  • On a roll or sheet

  • Perforation

  • Anti-slip for cups

  • Low migration inks

  • Varnishes (black light, glow in the dark, thermochromic, ...)

  • Multipacks

  • Combination printing

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Material choices

  • OPS
    45, 50 µm

  • PET (high & low shrinkage) 
    40, 45, 50 µm

  • PVC (high & low shrinkage, glossy & mat) 
    40, 50 µm

  • PLA 
    50 µm

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Full Body.png
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